Signs of Regression: Canada's NDP and Palestine

Torture is Neither Inevitable nor Endless: A Reply to Gerald Caplan

August 20, 2014

by Dan Freeman-Maloy and Justin Podur

Imagine an anti-racist with decades of work in the struggle writing the following about the popular upheaval and police attacks witnessed this month in Ferguson, Missouri:

Gaza Interview on Ossington Circle

Some Basic Thoughts on Québec and Anti-Imperialist Strategy

March 31, 2014
The Harper government has dragged Canadian politics to a point where intelligent criticism is difficult. Things are almost too obviously bad.

Palestine in Canadian Politics (or, On Aerial Child-Killing in the "Region of Darkness")

December 11, 2013
• On Canada's brazen racists, its spineless liberals, and the question of Palestine. •

After the Canadian Jewish Congress

70 Years After Warsaw

April 11, 2013

An article discussing the Jewish uprising against the Nazis in Warsaw (April 1943-) and the imperial exploitation of anti-fascist politics since. This month marks 70 years since the rebellion. The full text is available here.

Canada and the Palestine Question: Imperial Politics and the Campus Left

A February 7, 2013 talk at Toronto's York University. If you can ignore the noise from the room next door (!), the talk gives a general historical overview of Canadian politics on Palestine.

Booklet on Israeli State Power, Ethnic Cleansing and Liberal Alibis

This collection brings together a few articles of mine from last year, including one from the Journal of Palestine Studies and one from Race & Class previously unavailable for copyright reasons. Rather than repeat the introduction here, I'll perhaps leave it at that. It's available in full here.

For Israel, Imperialism isn't Enough (article follows video)